Bigots Teaching in our Universities

Something has to be done about the overtly bigoted viewpoints that are being taught in the nations universities

Rutgers Gender Associate Professor Brittany Cooper

In a recent article for Breitbart news, by Alana Mastrangelo. Associate professor Brittany Cooper, at Rutgers’ Department of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies was speaking to the Root Institute’s Michael Harriot when she bragged about the decline in birth rates among white people, glibly smiling at their struggles being able to stay in an rapidly shrinking, middle class. She went on to parrot all the talking points of CRT, and to broadly paint all white people as monsters that the world would be better off without.

“White people are committed to being villains.” she told Harriot. Going on to state that all white people are paranoid that blacks are coming to get them. Little wonder why there might be a little mistrust between the races, when you have major American universities that are completely out of control. It is hard to blame the students that come out of these institutions (although they need to be held accountable), when you have professors whom are entrusted by the administration, teaching them that all of one race is evil, and we should laugh at their struggles.

I am not going to make this an article about CRT. There is enough for a whole serious of articles on that subject. Instead, this needs to be a calling of accountability for weak, small-minded, university administration that is afraid of punishing bad professors for doing bad things, simple because of the color of their skin. Hate is hate, no matter what color of skin you have, and this ridiculous notion that is going around. That, black people can’t be racist because they hold no institutional power is largely to blame for people like this professor being allowed to teach such poison to your children.

This is happening in schools all across the country, and is unfortunately not an isolated incident. You do not hear about it on the five o’clock news, because the media is so skewed in this country that it forgot what the truth looked like the minute Donald Trump took office.

We have been sitting back for the last 18 months, thinking that this would, all just blow over. If you have not figured out by now, that it is not going away without some participation by everyone. You have no right to complain about the mess the country will become. Enjoy high taxes, racism, lies, coercion, government over reach, etc, and the list goes on.

The future of the “ruling class” starts in the universities. I urge you to take a good look at what is happening there. If you have the slightest bit of compassion, or feeling of public duty. I think you will find that things are not going well. Poison always makes you sick or kills, and the racist professors and curriculum they teach are poison.

It is obvious the college administrations are too weak to do anything. Will you?

Breitbart Article

Power and Money

The average American is being pitted against their neighbor, all in the name of control.

When did our society lose its way? We were headed in the right direction. The United States of America began as an experiment, the likes of which the world had never seen. A group of rowdy colonists rebelling and fighting a war against one of the worlds major superpowers, Great Britain. Within one hundred years we fought a civil war that cost the lives of over half a million Americans. We abolished slavery, then we opened our shores to immigrants from around the world to become the most multicultural nation on the planet. In the first one-hundred and fifty years, the United States expanded its borders, established a government that allowed its citizens to have a say in how their society was shaped, became the world’s most powerful nation, all this before we reached our bi-centennial. 
	Were mistakes made along the way? Of course. Were injustices allowed? Absolutely. Did our forefathers tolerate norms that would be considered barbaric today? Yes. Is there a country on the planet whose history is unstained by the mistakes of its ancestors? Absolutely not. Furthermore there are very few cultures, societies, or governments on planet earth that can say they have learned from their mistakes and righted their wrongs in as expedient a manner as the United States. 
	Why then is our culture choosing to regress? Why is our society choosing to ignore the lessons taught us by history? Why are we allowing little people with little minds to shape the way we move forward? The answer can be found in a single word, fear. There are a small group of bullies in America. They are loud, angry, and lack compassion and basic decency. This group takes advantage of the goodness and moral decency that most people believe in, and exploit it in ways that further their goals, be they financial, psychological, or social. 
	Most people would not go out of their way to get someone fired from their job because they felt disrespected. These people would. Most people would not intentionally mislead others, to further their personal agenda. These people do. Most people would not feel right using fear to bully someone with a different skin color, because of their skin color. Happens all the time. 
	We are not supposed to talk about it, but someone needs to. Last summer a United Methodist Church district superintendent sent out an email to all the members of her district. The email told them that starting immediately their church (and all its members) would be an anti-racist congregation. If you wanted more information on what that meant your were told to purchase and read a book titled “How to be an Anti-Racist” by Ibram X. Kendi. Most people would automatically assume their church would want what is best for them, forego the book, and assume that anti-racist meant the opposite of racist. After all, most people are not racist. A small minority are, and an even smaller minority act on their racism. However, the truth was not at all what it seemed. To anyone who actually read “How to be an Anti-Racist”, they would learn that anti-racist goes far and beyond bigotry and hate. Although, not far enough. Anti-racist means different things to different skin colors, turns out people with dark pigmentation are already blessed with being anti-racist, but pale colored skin has a tougher row to hoe. If you are white and want to be anti-racist (according to Dr. Kendi), you must first admit that you are already racist. Inherently. You must also admit that no matter your station in life, you are privileged, and an oppressor. Hold on. 
	Here in lies a perfect example of what is destroying our society and culture, and will eventually destroy our nation. People preying on their neighbors and fellow Americans, using fear. In the case of the district superintendent of the church, seeing as how she has a doctorate, it goes without saying she is smart enough to know better. Telling her congregants they are inherently racist and privileged because of their skin color, is no less bigoted than telling them they are second class citizens because of their skin color. Our culture has advanced to a point where being called a racist is a serious accusation, because it is believed to be wrong, morally and legally. Yet, here a church leader with a large white congregation is telling her flock they will be anti-racist, and anti-racist white people have to admit they are inherently racist, privileged, and oppressive. Whatever reasons she had for pushing an ideology as divisive and racist as “anti-racism” on the very people whose trust she has gained by her position of power, is hard to say. What is clear is that what is best for the congregation was not at the heart of it. 
	This is happening all over the country, corporations are making their white workers take anti-bias training, for no other reason than their skin color. Colleges are segregating students again. Hate crime hoaxes are at an all time high, and social media is used to ruin peoples lives whether they are guilty or not. Law enforcement has been slandered nationwide, for the actions of a few officers. The media is using its platform to spread misinformation by skewing statistics and selectively reporting the news. Truths are being proclaimed with absolutely no evidence to back it up. Our politicians, nightly news, and social media is doing everything in its power to brainwash us into believing the narrative of their choosing. All in the name of power and money. 

Texas “Heartbeat” Bill

When did you begin your life? Was it when your mother gave birth to you? If that is the case, then the months you spent in your mother’s womb didn’t really count right. Those kicks she felt for the first time. Forget about those, they didn’t really happen. The first ultrasound, or when mom and dad found out what color to paint your nursery. That wasn’t real, forget those memories.

Aborting a fetus with a beating heart is wrong. I’m not saying it is wrong by my political standards, or by my religious views. I am using the accepted moral compass, the whole world through, that says to take another human beings life is wrong. Even if it is in self-defense or war, we may tell ourselves it is necessary. But those are instances very few of us will ever find ourselves in.

So, if we all accept that it is wrong to take a life. Why does a large segment of society think that killing a helpless child, fetus, embryo, whatever you want to call it. The fact remains, it is alive, it is completely dependent on its mother, and left to nature it will grow up to be a person.

Explain to me, how a baby which is one of the greatest miracles we are able to be a part of, somehow has nine months out of its whole life, that it is allowed to be killed?And, the very nine months, that it is totally dependent, on one of the people that brought it into the world? Where in the constitution does it say, mothers are allowed to kill their children, but only until that child is born?

They will say, “my body, my choice”, an argument that is on its face nonsensical. It’s not their body that is getting chopped up and sucked out through a shop vac. The minute you mixed your body, with some chump you met at the club. You forfeit the right to wreck what’s inside your uterus.

When it comes down to it, the argument is not complicated. When the sperm impregnates the egg, a separate being is born, and that human has the same rights, the morning after, as it does nine months later when it comes face to face with the world. If you wouldn’t kill your child, the first time you hold it in your arms. Don’t do it when it needs you the most. Grow up, learn to be accountable for your actions, and take some responsibility for God’s sake. Life is a gift, not a burden.

They Are Going to Blow It…

Republicans do not seem to understand the levity of the situation. Either that or they simply do not care about the civil liberties and rights of their constituents.

With the 2022 midterm elections in sight, one would think the Republican Party would be taking advantage of the infinite political fodder being handed to them on a silver platter, but they are not.

With Covid positive illegal immigrants flowing across the border, all expenses paid by corrupt NGOs used by the current administration, rising crime in every major city in the nation, and the favored son of King Biden, selling his finger paintings for fifteen minute time slots in the oval office. The only problem the Republican Party should have, is finding enough TV ad time, to make sure every independent voter in America gets a chance to find out what the Democrat Party is doing to their country.

But, for some odd reason, the Republicans seem to be eerily silent, while America is forever changed by race hustling, socialist, oligarchs, with more offshore bank accounts than Jeffrey Epstein. It would bring any sane man to believe that if they aren’t against it, they are for it. And, in that case, ladies and gentlemen…we are screwed.

While China is bulking up its military and making sure they are masculine. The US military is busy throwing drag shows and making sure they are in tune with their microaggressions and their uniforms are form fitting for pregnant, lesbian, transexuals.

Millions of dollars are being poured into the diversity and inclusion racket, while black kids in the city can’t walk to school without being shot. A single mother makes more money, staying single and jobless than she would if she was entry level in the workforce. Yet, people still vote Democrat.

Are we really that stupid??

There are questions that need to be answered concerning 1/6. But, they won’t.

1. Why was the National Guard not deployed before the protest/riot?

2. What really happened to Ashley Babbit?

3. Why has no one been charged with insurrection, if it was an insurrection?

4. In the months prior to 1/6, BLM rioters attacked Rand Paul and his wife, harassed and intimidated diners and innocent citizens, caught St Johns on fire, in Washington alone. Why are we not interested in the crimes BLM committed?

5. Since when has it been a unforgivable crime to question an election? The louder they shout “NOTHING TO SEE HERE!!!!!”, the more they silence those who ask valid questions, the more it validates those who speak out against the 2020 election.

A commission to investigate an incident as heavy as 1/6 is the right thing to do. The problem lies in the disparate treatment of American citizens. You cannot let politics be the deciding factor in how you approach people who break the law. When you drag a Trump supporter from California to Washington DC for trespassing on Capitol grounds and turn around and watch the Vice President ask people for bail money to get someone that burned down a police station, or blinded a cop, out of jail.

That is the problem, one side excuses their supporters and the other holds theirs to a standard so strict they are guilty by association.

Critical Race Theory Remakes Connecticut School District | National Review

In classrooms across the country, students as young as five years old are being instructed in the tenets of an ideology that casts American society as a power competition between racial groups. The suburban town of Guilford, Ct. is one such place.
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