Some more than others?

The very idea that some people are more deserving of the protections of the law than others, is more a throwback to the days of separate water fountains, than it is a progressive bulwark of the future.

We hear from our politicians, that, they are going to put forth policy that is beneficial to all, but more so, to those who are members of the underserved and vulnerable communities. In particular, people of color. As if somehow the color of one’s skin automatically initiates a person into a class of peoples that are downtrodden and spit upon.

This is a faulty argument at best, and one that is all too often championed by members of society whose very existence proves false the argument they champion.

Black millionaires tweeting from the back of their chauffeured luxury cars, how they are scared to go out in public because the color of their skin makes them not only disadvantaged financially, but a target for public sector security, such as the police.

I suppose they are so afraid for their safety from the perils of the police department that they have to use their millions of dollars to pay for private security to protect them from the police department that those less fortunate middle class Americans have to rely upon.

Somehow though we are to believe that people of color haven’t a chance in the world to succeed in a country as racist as America. Even though they do…all the time.

Kamala Harris is going to be headed down to nations of the triangle soon with a brand new book of checks and a handful of pens. More than likely she will do what most Democrats like to do…spend other people’s money. But don’t worry, it will be going to those who deserve it more than you do.

Just Who Are the Domestic Terrorists?

The FBI and DHS put out a report recently called the “Strategic Intelligence Assessment and Data on Domestic Terrorism“. In this report they give the definition of Domestic Terrorism as they see it.

Here is the FBI and Department of Homeland Securities definiton of Domestic Terrorism or “DT”. While you read it, I want you to honestly ask yourself. Over the last 12 months, what organizations and groups would you say fit this defintion? How many incidents, that would fit the defintion of DT, have been committed by so-called “white supremacy” groups?

Keep in mind, if their is an incident of terrorism committed by white supremacists in this country, you will have heard about it. The media would love nothing better than to have a alt-right, white supremacist led, attack on anything to report about for the next six months. So it’s not like their are acts of DT being committed by white supremacist, that you don’t hear about.

“DT for the FBI’s purposes is referenced in US Code at 18 U.S.C. § 2331(5), and is defined as activities:

  • Involving acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any State;
  • Appearing to be intended to:

o Intimidate or coerce a civilian population;
o Influence the policy of government by intimidation or coercion; or
o Affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction,
assassination or kidnapping; and
• Occurring primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States.”

Look at the criteria that I have highlighted in red.

  • Intimidate or coerce a civilian population – What did BLM and Antifa do all last summer? Their “Freedom Summer” was nothing but an exercise of Domestic Terrorism. Remember the diners in Washington DC and Baltimore that were harrassed and some of them even beaten.
    • What about the Republican congressmen and women that were harrassed on their way out of a campaign event, and on July 4th? Actual members of congress being intimidated. BEFORE JAN 6!!!!!!
    • Over 2 billion dollars in damage done by BLM and their “freedom fighters”, dozens of lives lost?

The rest of the World sees BLM for what they are. Why can’t we?

How is it we are supposed to just forget about all the destruction and mayhem that was visited upon our fellow Americans?

When are we going to wake up and realize that there has to be equal application of the law?

When are we going to stand up to the double standard and tell the Democrats and the left, WE AREN’T GOING TO LIVE THIS WAY!!!!!!!!

According to the FBI’s own definition, the race riots of the summer of 2020 were no less than multiple acts of Domestic Terrorism that were not only, not acknowledged by the ruling class in America, but in some instances members of the Democratic party were actively aiding and abetting terrorism against their own nation.

Anyone who cares enough to take the time to look into current events and recent history can see for themselves the lunacy that is being sold by the mainstream media. Obviously there is a bigger picture at hand and we should not be naive enough to think that these acts that are being allowed to be visited upon law abiding Americans are the result of ineptitude and mismanagement. There is a bigger picture at hand. That is another discussion for another day.

Think straight, think sober, and stand up for what you know is right.

God Bless America and pray for strength and wisdom to weather the storm.

–Ira Jones–

Learning for Justice = activist factory

Critical Race Theory by any name is still racist.

If your school district says that they are not implementing Critical Race Theory into their curriculum but they are using lesson plans by a group called “Learning for Justice”. They are giving you the ok-doke. Check out the website of Learning for Justice and you will see that it is nothing but CRT talking points. 

In their own words Learning for Justice says that they want to teach children to be social justice activists and to actively get involved in the gross injustices of the world. 

If your child wants to be a social worker, they can talk to their couselor about that and find out what they need to do, same for if they want to drop out of school and go around the country screaming into a megaphone at the police and starting fires. 

The school corporation has no business whatsoever pointing our children in the direction of groups like “Black Lives Matter”. BLM showed their true colors over the summer by storming through city after city, harassing diners, burning down stores, beating people up, and even killing people. Each and every time they used the excuse of race and police brutality, yet not once waited for due process. More often than not, when all the facts were looked at, the actions of the police were more than justified. 

Kids should be going to school to learn and socialize. They should be making friends, not being told that the color of their skin makes them either a racist or a victim. This ideaology is poison to everything it touches, I pray that if you see it coming your way you have the courage to stand up and do what’s right.

Don’t Speak for my Skin Tone

Just because you say something, does not make it true.

You have to be naive, stupid, or racist, to honestly and with an informed mind believe that anti-racism is not racist.

To put things in perspective and get a better idea of the wordplay that is at work concerning the latest and most fashionable issue for stupid people with too much money.

Anti-racism has swept its way across the country over the last year, gaining momentum in the wake of the much publicized George Floyd controversy. Anti-racism is the dumbed down version of Critical Race Theory or CRT. CRT was hatched in the laboritories of academia, the result of unhappy and possibly mentally ill intellectuals, who saw the inequity in the United States and thought that with Masters degrees and skin color, they would devise not a solution, but a definitive and inarguable solution to inequity in all things.

You might think that brilliant intellectuals with law degrees and years of college behind them would come up with not only the cause of inequity, but the solution of “inequality”. (it is very important we seperate the two). What came next was not the answer to Martin Luther King Jr., unfortunately. The cornerstone to Critical Race Theory, the foundation that it falls apart without…

Everything is the fault of “White People”, everything. From poverty to inequity in education. From literature to algebra, the space program to agriculture. All white peoples fault. And, here’s the kicker…most the time they don’t even know it. Whiteness, white-supremacy, being white, white-privilege, white ice-cream, and white authors, white-dead people and most dangerous of all, white people that say they are not racist. They are so stupid they do not even know they are bigots.

CRT is a poison on our society. To claim that race relations in the US are no better now than they were 150 years ago is not only illogical but it is dangerous. The civil rights movement that took place in the United States was one of the most socially progressive movements that any nation has seen in human history. A huge step towards the fulfillement of our Bill of Rights and constitution took place when laws were passed that guaranteed every man woman and child an equal chance and equal protection under the law.

What the race-baiting organizations like Black Lives Matter, and the race hustlers like Ibram X. Kendi and Robin DeAngelo are doing is an affront to those who suffered real indignation and real bigotry at the hands of “actual” racism. Those who say color-blindness and meritocracy are harmful, obviously aren’t interested in unity. Since when did Martin Luther King become an uncle tom? Anyone who wishes to be judged by the color of their skin and not their actions are obviously doing something wrong. That is the cry of the lazy and dishonest.

Finally, this is America and anyone has the right to believe what they want to believe. But if you would not teach your children that all black people are racist because they are black, then don’t think you have the right to speak for the color of my skin.

Ira Jones

Cheney’s Long Overdue Demotion

Liz Cheney remained in a position of leadership in the GOP much longer than was warranted. Aptly labeled by the AP as the “Democrats’ new favorite Republican”, she has fallen from grace in the GOP. But, some have to wonder if it is for the right reasons.

Cheney, who is a frequent guest on left wing networks such as CNN and MSNBC has spent far too much time denouncing members of her own base and a single day in January. At the same time, she has conveniently ignored what BLM has cleverly named the “Freedom Summer”, in which billions of dollars of damage were done, dozens of people lost their lives and overtly racist propaganda was spread throughout the country. Not only did the Democrat party turn their heads during these acts of criminality, but the Vice President of the United States actively endorsed a bail fund for people that were doing far more dangerous and damaging acts than was committed by anyone on January sixth.

In an interview with Bret Baier, Cheney repeatedly told the viewers that she was doing all she could to fight for the conservative cause, and not to trust their lying eyes. Using a common Democrat slight of hand, as though she had learned it at the DNC.

The change in Republican leadership should never have gotten off of page ten. However, with Donald Trump gone, the media in all its bias, has to find another Republican figure to be the focus of coverage. Liz Cheney not only seems to have stumbled into that position for now, but she seems to actually like the attention.

Democrats would love it if all Republicans were like Liz Cheney, either complicit in spreading their propaganda or not intelligent enough to realize that she is being used, not in a bi-partisan fashion, but as novelty item to be shown off when there’s company.

Whatever the reason for Liz Cheneys’ decisions and statements, it is obvious that she has lost touch with the core of the Republican base. This should be an eye-opening example, less for Cheney, but more for the Republican Party and their future. The GOP is going to need the votes of those, “knuckle dragging, Wal-Mart shopping Trump voters” whether they want to attend the same social events or not. The Democrats have taken the reigns and the wallets of the elites in this country, but luckily for the Republican Party; if they can take advantage of it, there are a huge number of voters out there that are feeling disenfranchised right now.

Americans are losing faith in the government right now. Not just a few either. Millions of Americans are being called racist and stupid, being told that the country they love is an awful place, when they know it’s not. The reason that so many people loved Donald Trump is because his agenda put America first. If the GOP wants to gain and maintain the loyalty and eventual voting power of those people. The way to do it isn’t by telling them the President they adored was a liar and a horrible person. The Republican Party is moving in the right direction by taking Liz Cheneys leadership position away, and her voters will ultimately decide her fate politically. That is the American way. We still see the GOP trying to broker deals with the far left by touting identity politics, almost as if to say, “see, we are cool, look we have a black, cisgender, single mother as a candidate.” It’s as ridiculous as Liz Cheney agreeing with Jake Tapper or Chris Cuomo. Stop trying to be something your not GOP, millions of Americans are praying for an authentic political party .

Ira Jones