Bigots Teaching in our Universities

Something has to be done about the overtly bigoted viewpoints that are being taught in the nations universities In a recent article for Breitbart news, by Alana Mastrangelo. Associate professor Brittany Cooper, at Rutgers’ Department of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies was speaking to the Root Institute’s Michael Harriot when she bragged about the declineContinue reading “Bigots Teaching in our Universities”

They Are Going to Blow It…

Republicans do not seem to understand the levity of the situation. Either that or they simply do not care about the civil liberties and rights of their constituents. With the 2022 midterm elections in sight, one would think the Republican Party would be taking advantage of the infinite political fodder being handed to them onContinue reading “They Are Going to Blow It…” There are questions that need to be answered concerning 1/6. But, they won’t. 1. Why was the National Guard not deployed before the protest/riot? 2. What really happened to Ashley Babbit? 3. Why has no one been charged with insurrection, if it was an insurrection? 4. In the months prior to 1/6, BLM riotersContinue reading

Critical Race Theory Remakes Connecticut School District | National Review

In classrooms across the country, students as young as five years old are being instructed in the tenets of an ideology that casts American society as a power competition between racial groups. The suburban town of Guilford, Ct. is one such place. — Read on