Three words that are destroying a society

Out of the ashes of George Floyd rose a leviathan that is tearing this country apart. For decades, the halls of upper academia kept anti-racism contained, and for good reason. When looked at honestly and without bias or benefit, anti-racism is an incredibly intolerant and destructive ideology. It’s very definition demands the active discrimination of people based on the color of their skin. It refuses to look at people as individuals with unique experiences and characters and instead believes that the color of one’s skin determines their thoughts and ultimately their actions.

Anti-racism, critical race theory, social emotional learning, culturally responsive teaching, critical race theology, etc. All use the same set of standards to teach (as fact), the world is divided into two groups. The oppressed and their oppressors. It teaches that racism is a uniquely American invention. Created to justify the enslavement of blacks in the Antebellum south. It claims that white people are privileged and therefore oppressors, everyone else is oppressed in a multitude of ways.

A white person in America is privileged for no reason than they were born with a certain skin color. Every day they wake up white in America they use that privilege whether they mean to or not. Just being white means that they are harming people of color by simply existing. Believing that we should follow Martin Luther King Jr.’s teachings and work towards a colorblind society, is part of the problem, not the solution. Everything in America is created to discriminate against anyone who is not white. Meritocracy is a tool of whiteness, being on time is “white”, saying “all lives matter” is unbelievably racist.

Cynicism aside, the standards set forth in “anti-racism” are ridiculous to anyone who studies them with an open mind and an unpressured environment. Furthermore, it does nothing to improve the lives of the people it claims are being oppressed. Making white people atone for their implicit bias’ does nothing to improve race relations, in fact polls have shown it has made racial tension worse. How does normalizing racism towards whites currently, do anything to atone for slavery almost 200 years ago? How does telling a white child who lives in poverty that he is more privileged than a black child that is middle class even make sense?

Racism in America is worse now than it has been in decades. That is true. But, it is an ugly truth because, racism does not discriminate. It is a poison that can be found in people of all colors. And, in today’s America, the victims are predominately white. Lots of people will disagree with that. They have been told that white people can’t be discriminated against, and unfortunately too many nod their head, even though it makes no sense.

The media, ruling class, and academia contain the most racist people in America. Until diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is destroyed as a profession, until people stop getting paid to spread the very ideology that their job depends on to survive, until our government stops spreading a poisonous agenda because it polls good with their base. Until we go back to Martin Luther King Jr. and leave Dr. Kendi and his books in the trash were they belong. Racism will only get worse. But, hey…that’s good for the DEI department.