The left believes in no truth other than their own. The predictable results are beginning to emerge.

The American Left is a diverse group of people, who all have one thing in common. They are the least tolerant and accepting group in the giant melting pot that is America. They may differ in age, class, wealth, or location. There are the Chardonnay socialist soccer moms and out of work gender theory majors. The professional activists, naive college students, or strung out drug addicts. The spectrum is wide and strange for the disaffected and unsatisfied of the world.

Ask any true believer in the religion of “woke” and they will tell you that above all else their way of life is the one true way. Spreading their ideology to the four corners of the globe is their ultimate pilgrimage, and all else is subservient to their cause.

“But wait,” you may say. “I don’t believe in killing unborn children, and further more you need to tell me why I am wrong.” You may be able to think of a number of reasons why your belief in the sanctity of life coincides with the general consensus of humanity throughout history. So why is abortion good? I have been waiting for a abortion advocate to fill me in on the positives of abortion for years.

You may see a double standard when it comes to those on the left. You may feel like they hold those who are different from them to a standard they do not follow. You may even get the feeling that a leftist sees themself as a somehow morally and intellectually superior. It is this sense of entitlement to truth and morality that gives the leftist the false belief that their beliefs are unchallengeable and are above explanation.

What we are seeing in modern day America. Is a whole class of people that lived life without the benefit of truth. They oppressed those who disagreed, by harassing, slandering, and sometimes even physically attacking. All the while truly believing that their ill behavior was righteous because those who think differently than them are inferior and therefore undeserving of the common decency that is due all humanity. Through a fog of self righteous intolerance they have become living examples of the very things they claim to abhor.

Right now we are watching the left in its death throes. Drowning in a sea of entitlement, trying to drag anything within reach to the bottom as well. How much damage will they do before they are just a history lesson? We are about to find out. But, I like to think that better days are ahead. Let’s hope we can get back to a world were tolerance is a virtue and identity politics and anti-racism are nothing more than bad dreams.