Power and Money

The average American is being pitted against their neighbor, all in the name of control.

When did our society lose its way? We were headed in the right direction. The United States of America began as an experiment, the likes of which the world had never seen. A group of rowdy colonists rebelling and fighting a war against one of the worlds major superpowers, Great Britain. Within one hundred years we fought a civil war that cost the lives of over half a million Americans. We abolished slavery, then we opened our shores to immigrants from around the world to become the most multicultural nation on the planet. In the first one-hundred and fifty years, the United States expanded its borders, established a government that allowed its citizens to have a say in how their society was shaped, became the world’s most powerful nation, all this before we reached our bi-centennial. 
	Were mistakes made along the way? Of course. Were injustices allowed? Absolutely. Did our forefathers tolerate norms that would be considered barbaric today? Yes. Is there a country on the planet whose history is unstained by the mistakes of its ancestors? Absolutely not. Furthermore there are very few cultures, societies, or governments on planet earth that can say they have learned from their mistakes and righted their wrongs in as expedient a manner as the United States. 
	Why then is our culture choosing to regress? Why is our society choosing to ignore the lessons taught us by history? Why are we allowing little people with little minds to shape the way we move forward? The answer can be found in a single word, fear. There are a small group of bullies in America. They are loud, angry, and lack compassion and basic decency. This group takes advantage of the goodness and moral decency that most people believe in, and exploit it in ways that further their goals, be they financial, psychological, or social. 
	Most people would not go out of their way to get someone fired from their job because they felt disrespected. These people would. Most people would not intentionally mislead others, to further their personal agenda. These people do. Most people would not feel right using fear to bully someone with a different skin color, because of their skin color. Happens all the time. 
	We are not supposed to talk about it, but someone needs to. Last summer a United Methodist Church district superintendent sent out an email to all the members of her district. The email told them that starting immediately their church (and all its members) would be an anti-racist congregation. If you wanted more information on what that meant your were told to purchase and read a book titled “How to be an Anti-Racist” by Ibram X. Kendi. Most people would automatically assume their church would want what is best for them, forego the book, and assume that anti-racist meant the opposite of racist. After all, most people are not racist. A small minority are, and an even smaller minority act on their racism. However, the truth was not at all what it seemed. To anyone who actually read “How to be an Anti-Racist”, they would learn that anti-racist goes far and beyond bigotry and hate. Although, not far enough. Anti-racist means different things to different skin colors, turns out people with dark pigmentation are already blessed with being anti-racist, but pale colored skin has a tougher row to hoe. If you are white and want to be anti-racist (according to Dr. Kendi), you must first admit that you are already racist. Inherently. You must also admit that no matter your station in life, you are privileged, and an oppressor. Hold on. 
	Here in lies a perfect example of what is destroying our society and culture, and will eventually destroy our nation. People preying on their neighbors and fellow Americans, using fear. In the case of the district superintendent of the church, seeing as how she has a doctorate, it goes without saying she is smart enough to know better. Telling her congregants they are inherently racist and privileged because of their skin color, is no less bigoted than telling them they are second class citizens because of their skin color. Our culture has advanced to a point where being called a racist is a serious accusation, because it is believed to be wrong, morally and legally. Yet, here a church leader with a large white congregation is telling her flock they will be anti-racist, and anti-racist white people have to admit they are inherently racist, privileged, and oppressive. Whatever reasons she had for pushing an ideology as divisive and racist as “anti-racism” on the very people whose trust she has gained by her position of power, is hard to say. What is clear is that what is best for the congregation was not at the heart of it. 
	This is happening all over the country, corporations are making their white workers take anti-bias training, for no other reason than their skin color. Colleges are segregating students again. Hate crime hoaxes are at an all time high, and social media is used to ruin peoples lives whether they are guilty or not. Law enforcement has been slandered nationwide, for the actions of a few officers. The media is using its platform to spread misinformation by skewing statistics and selectively reporting the news. Truths are being proclaimed with absolutely no evidence to back it up. Our politicians, nightly news, and social media is doing everything in its power to brainwash us into believing the narrative of their choosing. All in the name of power and money. 

Published by Ira Jones

Believe what you want to believe, but don't believe what you are told to believe. The MSM does a disservice to the public it is supposed to inform, every time it goes to print. Together maybe we can take a journey that ends up somewhere in the same vicinity as the truth.

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