When did you begin your life? Was it when your mother gave birth to you? If that is the case, then the months you spent in your mother’s womb didn’t really count right. Those kicks she felt for the first time. Forget about those, they didn’t really happen. The first ultrasound, or when mom and dad found out what color to paint your nursery. That wasn’t real, forget those memories.

Aborting a fetus with a beating heart is wrong. I’m not saying it is wrong by my political standards, or by my religious views. I am using the accepted moral compass, the whole world through, that says to take another human beings life is wrong. Even if it is in self-defense or war, we may tell ourselves it is necessary. But those are instances very few of us will ever find ourselves in.

So, if we all accept that it is wrong to take a life. Why does a large segment of society think that killing a helpless child, fetus, embryo, whatever you want to call it. The fact remains, it is alive, it is completely dependent on its mother, and left to nature it will grow up to be a person.

Explain to me, how a baby which is one of the greatest miracles we are able to be a part of, somehow has nine months out of its whole life, that it is allowed to be killed?And, the very nine months, that it is totally dependent, on one of the people that brought it into the world? Where in the constitution does it say, mothers are allowed to kill their children, but only until that child is born?

They will say, “my body, my choice”, an argument that is on its face nonsensical. It’s not their body that is getting chopped up and sucked out through a shop vac. The minute you mixed your body, with some chump you met at the club. You forfeit the right to wreck what’s inside your uterus.

When it comes down to it, the argument is not complicated. When the sperm impregnates the egg, a separate being is born, and that human has the same rights, the morning after, as it does nine months later when it comes face to face with the world. If you wouldn’t kill your child, the first time you hold it in your arms. Don’t do it when it needs you the most. Grow up, learn to be accountable for your actions, and take some responsibility for God’s sake. Life is a gift, not a burden.