Republicans do not seem to understand the levity of the situation. Either that or they simply do not care about the civil liberties and rights of their constituents.

With the 2022 midterm elections in sight, one would think the Republican Party would be taking advantage of the infinite political fodder being handed to them on a silver platter, but they are not.

With Covid positive illegal immigrants flowing across the border, all expenses paid by corrupt NGOs used by the current administration, rising crime in every major city in the nation, and the favored son of King Biden, selling his finger paintings for fifteen minute time slots in the oval office. The only problem the Republican Party should have, is finding enough TV ad time, to make sure every independent voter in America gets a chance to find out what the Democrat Party is doing to their country.

But, for some odd reason, the Republicans seem to be eerily silent, while America is forever changed by race hustling, socialist, oligarchs, with more offshore bank accounts than Jeffrey Epstein. It would bring any sane man to believe that if they aren’t against it, they are for it. And, in that case, ladies and gentlemen…we are screwed.

While China is bulking up its military and making sure they are masculine. The US military is busy throwing drag shows and making sure they are in tune with their microaggressions and their uniforms are form fitting for pregnant, lesbian, transexuals.

Millions of dollars are being poured into the diversity and inclusion racket, while black kids in the city can’t walk to school without being shot. A single mother makes more money, staying single and jobless than she would if she was entry level in the workforce. Yet, people still vote Democrat.

Are we really that stupid??