There are questions that need to be answered concerning 1/6. But, they won’t.

1. Why was the National Guard not deployed before the protest/riot?

2. What really happened to Ashley Babbit?

3. Why has no one been charged with insurrection, if it was an insurrection?

4. In the months prior to 1/6, BLM rioters attacked Rand Paul and his wife, harassed and intimidated diners and innocent citizens, caught St Johns on fire, in Washington alone. Why are we not interested in the crimes BLM committed?

5. Since when has it been a unforgivable crime to question an election? The louder they shout “NOTHING TO SEE HERE!!!!!”, the more they silence those who ask valid questions, the more it validates those who speak out against the 2020 election.

A commission to investigate an incident as heavy as 1/6 is the right thing to do. The problem lies in the disparate treatment of American citizens. You cannot let politics be the deciding factor in how you approach people who break the law. When you drag a Trump supporter from California to Washington DC for trespassing on Capitol grounds and turn around and watch the Vice President ask people for bail money to get someone that burned down a police station, or blinded a cop, out of jail.

That is the problem, one side excuses their supporters and the other holds theirs to a standard so strict they are guilty by association.