The very idea that some people are more deserving of the protections of the law than others, is more a throwback to the days of separate water fountains, than it is a progressive bulwark of the future.

We hear from our politicians, that, they are going to put forth policy that is beneficial to all, but more so, to those who are members of the underserved and vulnerable communities. In particular, people of color. As if somehow the color of one’s skin automatically initiates a person into a class of peoples that are downtrodden and spit upon.

This is a faulty argument at best, and one that is all too often championed by members of society whose very existence proves false the argument they champion.

Black millionaires tweeting from the back of their chauffeured luxury cars, how they are scared to go out in public because the color of their skin makes them not only disadvantaged financially, but a target for public sector security, such as the police.

I suppose they are so afraid for their safety from the perils of the police department that they have to use their millions of dollars to pay for private security to protect them from the police department that those less fortunate middle class Americans have to rely upon.

Somehow though we are to believe that people of color haven’t a chance in the world to succeed in a country as racist as America. Even though they do…all the time.

Kamala Harris is going to be headed down to nations of the triangle soon with a brand new book of checks and a handful of pens. More than likely she will do what most Democrats like to do…spend other people’s money. But don’t worry, it will be going to those who deserve it more than you do.