Critical Race Theory by any name is still racist.

If your school district says that they are not implementing Critical Race Theory into their curriculum but they are using lesson plans by a group called “Learning for Justice”. They are giving you the ok-doke. Check out the website of Learning for Justice and you will see that it is nothing but CRT talking points. 

In their own words Learning for Justice says that they want to teach children to be social justice activists and to actively get involved in the gross injustices of the world. 

If your child wants to be a social worker, they can talk to their couselor about that and find out what they need to do, same for if they want to drop out of school and go around the country screaming into a megaphone at the police and starting fires. 

The school corporation has no business whatsoever pointing our children in the direction of groups like “Black Lives Matter”. BLM showed their true colors over the summer by storming through city after city, harassing diners, burning down stores, beating people up, and even killing people. Each and every time they used the excuse of race and police brutality, yet not once waited for due process. More often than not, when all the facts were looked at, the actions of the police were more than justified. 

Kids should be going to school to learn and socialize. They should be making friends, not being told that the color of their skin makes them either a racist or a victim. This ideaology is poison to everything it touches, I pray that if you see it coming your way you have the courage to stand up and do what’s right.