Just because you say something, does not make it true.

You have to be naive, stupid, or racist, to honestly and with an informed mind believe that anti-racism is not racist.

To put things in perspective and get a better idea of the wordplay that is at work concerning the latest and most fashionable issue for stupid people with too much money.

Anti-racism has swept its way across the country over the last year, gaining momentum in the wake of the much publicized George Floyd controversy. Anti-racism is the dumbed down version of Critical Race Theory or CRT. CRT was hatched in the laboritories of academia, the result of unhappy and possibly mentally ill intellectuals, who saw the inequity in the United States and thought that with Masters degrees and skin color, they would devise not a solution, but a definitive and inarguable solution to inequity in all things.

You might think that brilliant intellectuals with law degrees and years of college behind them would come up with not only the cause of inequity, but the solution of “inequality”. (it is very important we seperate the two). What came next was not the answer to Martin Luther King Jr., unfortunately. The cornerstone to Critical Race Theory, the foundation that it falls apart without…

Everything is the fault of “White People”, everything. From poverty to inequity in education. From literature to algebra, the space program to agriculture. All white peoples fault. And, here’s the kicker…most the time they don’t even know it. Whiteness, white-supremacy, being white, white-privilege, white ice-cream, and white authors, white-dead people and most dangerous of all, white people that say they are not racist. They are so stupid they do not even know they are bigots.

CRT is a poison on our society. To claim that race relations in the US are no better now than they were 150 years ago is not only illogical but it is dangerous. The civil rights movement that took place in the United States was one of the most socially progressive movements that any nation has seen in human history. A huge step towards the fulfillement of our Bill of Rights and constitution took place when laws were passed that guaranteed every man woman and child an equal chance and equal protection under the law.

What the race-baiting organizations like Black Lives Matter, and the race hustlers like Ibram X. Kendi and Robin DeAngelo are doing is an affront to those who suffered real indignation and real bigotry at the hands of “actual” racism. Those who say color-blindness and meritocracy are harmful, obviously aren’t interested in unity. Since when did Martin Luther King become an uncle tom? Anyone who wishes to be judged by the color of their skin and not their actions are obviously doing something wrong. That is the cry of the lazy and dishonest.

Finally, this is America and anyone has the right to believe what they want to believe. But if you would not teach your children that all black people are racist because they are black, then don’t think you have the right to speak for the color of my skin.

Ira Jones