What have we learned in this election? There are a number of issues that could be used as indicators, and a number of demographics that pollsters thought they had a bead on. The pollsters were wrong. No matter how you look at it, the pollsters were wrong. I want to say it one more time. The pollsters were wrong.

It was supposed to be a Biden landslide. A blizzard of blue. The Democrats were supposed to take the senate, supposed to gain twenty seats in the house, were supposed to open a pathway to a perpetual “one party” system. Most of all, this election was supposed to be referendum on the liberal lefts radical policies.

Turns out, you can’t spend six months calling the largest demographic in the country that they are bigoted, racist, backwards people, who are a level below the coastal elites. There was a time in this country when the elitist would simply talk down to the white trash working class, telling them that they didn’t need to worry about a thing because in the end, they had their best interests in mind. Not anymore, now the conversation has stopped and that has disenfranchised people.

Most Americans want to love their country. Most Americans don’t agree with all-black clad anarchists, running through the streets breaking windows and setting fires. Most Americans don’t agree that a traditional family is a bad thing, that we need to “move away” from the nuclear family, all because their is a certain demographic who can’t seem to keep their fathers at home.

You can’t tell sixty percent of the population that because they follow the rules, obey the law, and work hard. That they are the problem. They aren’t the problem. The problem are the people that don’t do that. This is America and one of its greatest attributes, is that everyone has the natural right to live their lives the way they want to, as long as they aren’t hurting anyone else’s property or person.

This summer has been a “flavor of the month” summer. And the thoughts and ideas that have popped up aren’t sustainable. If we took anything away from this election. Regardless of the winner, it should be that. There were a lot of people who voted for Biden, simply because he wasn’t Trump. It won’t be that way next time. It would be wise for the radical left to keep that in mind.