I sometimes wonder if the powers that be in the biased media ever get tired of being wrong. Short answer, no. How can major news networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and yes, even NPR, all consistently print and broadcast such obviously skewed, factually lacking, and intentionally misleading stories to the public that they are supposed to be, the emissaries of truth for.

American broadcasting has always had personal flavors to it. It’s impossible for a single individual or small group of investors to sink their money into a publication or news outlet without expecting it to represent them either overtly or subliminally. It sounds nice, and in a perfect world we might expect the extremely wealthy private citizens to have the ability to amplify their interests but take the high road and instead deliver the truth, even if it hurts those interests whether they be financial or political, or to a lesser extent today, even religious.

Take a look at a paper like the New York Times for instance and you will see that we do not live in a perfect world. Far from it. Unfortunately, most media moguls live in big cities and have no interest in being relatable to their reader in the fly-over states. With the death of small publishing companies and home-town papers we have seen larger media outlets criss crossing the country and swallowing up newspapers that once belonged to the people that lived in the cities they carry on their front page banner.

I saw this personally when USA Today and it’s owner the Gannet Corporation gobbled up the Indianapolis Star. Now instead of reporting with a flair towards the conservative values that are prominent in the area, we see left leaning, Democrat Party, liberal reporting that serves those who live in the city and only a marginal amount of readers at that.

When the news comes back, I’ll sing it’s praises

I would tell the main stream media to get back to representing the people you work for. We shouldn’t have to chose between watching a news channel that tells us we are slack-jawed yokels living in the past, or turning off the television (which is what I have done). I miss watching the news and when it comes back I’ll sing it’s praises. Maybe when this election is over things will get back to normal, or at least look that direction. But I doubt it.